WE Treat Complex Vascular Diseases

High Quality NON SURGICAL Treatment for Peripheral Vascular Disease.

BVI works with companies such as Medtronics and Abbott to bring you the latest technology and devices to treat complex vascular diseases, such as Atherectomy, Drug Coated Balloons, and the latest stent technologies.


Same Day Treatment

All our procures are done on a same day outpatient basis.
Patients are monitored for a few hours post procedure and then discharged.


Personal Solutions

Whether a patient needs a simple balloon angioplasty of requires plaque excision using atherectomy, we provide the best choice for the patients every time.

Diagnostic Angiogram

Usually most cases start with an initial picture which is designed to check the entire anatomy of arteries in your leg. This requires the  use of IV dye or contrast. Patients are screened with blood testing to determine if they have kidney disease or anemia.

Angioplasty, Stents, Atherectomy

We have a wide variety of tools to open blockages at various levels of the arterial tree in your leg. A combination of treatments may be selected to get the highest rate of success and long term result. Typical patency rates at 2 years is almost 90%.